Plastic Vacuum Forming

Vac Forming

The art of Vacuum forming is quite something to witness.  The transformation of a flat plastic sheet into 3D shapes transforms an idea in someone’s head to a real-life touchable, hold and feel product.

Our team have experience using many different material types, brands, Thicknesses and textures and have direct relationships with the extruders.

With our suite of 6 vacuum forming machines we can manufacture forming’s up to 3000mm x 2000mm.

Vacuum forming is the ideal process for small to medium batch runs of larger size products or prototypes of products prior to the larger batch runs that we also offer on injection moulding.

Vacuum form tooling can be made in Ureol or Aluminium which can be advised by our technicians as to the suitability in relation to tool complexity and volume production.

Vacuum Forming