Plastic Forming from Megaform

Megaform Limited along with our sister companies truly offer a one stop solution for your plastic products requirements.

We have a team of experienced individuals that will manage your project from concept design via prototyping and through to the optimum production process including any finishing/assembly.

With our extensive suite of vacuum forming and injection moulding machines and our years of expertise, we offer a professional and friendly relationship to undertake your requirements.

Every day people use plastic products without giving a second thought to how they are manufactured.  At Megaform we can bring ideas to reality.

Plastic products have been in the media recently regarding the lack of consideration for recycling.  We have all seen the sea of plastic or landfill with plastic products visible.  Plastics get a bad name for being the cause of pollution yet plastic is inanimate.  It is current modern day human culture to have a “throw away” or disposable mindset for products yet it is every person that can make a difference.  At Megaform we believe as a leading plastics supplier we have a moral obligation to ensure we are fully conscious of our responsibility towards the environment for today and future generations and this is why we have a zero waste policy.  All of our products will be guaranteed that any waste created by the way of production will not impact our environment and will be fully recycled.  To this end Megaform are fully committed to ensuring what we purchase and don’t sell doesn’t end up in the bin.